Saturday, July 2, 2011

We're Marching to Zion, beaut....What? It's Closed?

So we started out this morning from our hotel and were happy they gave us a $65 reduction in our 2 night bill because of the problems we had at check in. That was a good start. Our route took us back into the park, another thank you to the Park Pass I bought in the Badlands, no charge. We went along the rim toward the east and took a few more pictures which I have been able to get on today. Staying in a Rodeway Inn in Kanab.Not the best but the wireless works good.

Art Shot

Nice framing eh? (a little Canadian I picked up)
A look back as we left the last stop on the rim road. Think thats the end of the canyon?

So we thought we would just see a bunch of desert, there were no dots on the map for our route, no mention in our guide book.

Still a lot to see

The canyon is still with us!
for miles and miles
Still more to see.  Could have taken enough to fill 100 years of calendar photos.

The next few are on the way to Zion, a section called Painted Desert,of which I think there are several in the southwest
These are the first clouds we have seen in days. The natives get giddy because it makes the sunsets more beautiful
We passes by a few miles of these near Zion

Art shot from the real artist

Unusual flower in the canyon - only one we saw. Looks like a corn husk
Right! - Barb was a little hesitant to walk around an archeological find of housing from 1145 AD

There were several such dwellings and a few common areas.
A raven in the canyon. We were told they are very smart at getting into garbage cans. The Park keeps modifing the cans under the watchful eye of the ravens.
Gaby -You never told Jaime about this.
At last - we come to Zion.The Ranger says, sorry folks the park is closed. (Moose out front should have told us) Seems there was a rock slide and the road from the east was blocked. We would have to go back into Arizona and around to get into the south entrance.It would be a 90 mile trip and we decided to forego Zion. Tomorrow we are going to Bryce a day early. And our plan seemed to be pretty good!

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