Friday, July 1, 2011

Touring Grand Canyon - Walked down Bright Angel Trail!

The web connection here has 4 bars, but I think because of the number of guests, it has a lot of contention. Anyway, I can't get any pictures loaded again tonight. Boring for readers.
Today we took a tour of the Grand Canyon with a young woman tour guide named Amanda. She was very knowledgeable as well a really interesting person. She is a real outdoors person, traveling all the time to distant places to bike, hike or boat in some way. Obviously she has no strings. Rides her bike to work everyday. This winter she is going to Nepal and hike to the base camp of Mt. Everest.
There were 3 large elk grazing in the lawn of the hotel this morning, and were here for several hours.
This part of Arizona doesn't do daylight saving time and that had us confused this morning. We got to breakfast an hour early and they were not open. Don't know if we will find daylight saving as we go north into Utah.
Bright Angel Trail goes to the bottom of the canyon. We went down, but did not get to the bottom. Actually we barely left the top, went down maybe 50 to 60 feet in elevation drop. It was neat to experience the narrow trail even for the 15 or 20 minutes we were on it. If you have been here you know what an ovewhelming expereince it is to stand and look at such a marvelous sight.
We took about 70 pictures, and it is hard to get a bad picture. However, Barb  got some nice shots of different types of trees and formations. I call them her "art shots". We went for Pizza after the tour. It was at a place called "We Cook Pizza and Pasta". Consols is still the best.
Last night we went to an IMAX which told the story of "discovery" by the native americans, the spanish explorers and then trappers and miners. Also the explorative journey by boat down the Green and Colorado River by 9 men headed by John Wesley Powell who last his arm in the Civil War, and became a western advocate, and also was a founding member of the National Geographic Society.
We were given a DVD as part of our tour today. It is really neat especially in IMAX.
Tomorrow we head out for Utah, with stops planned in Zion,Bryce Canyon, and Arches National Parks.
We paid $10 for a National Park Pass for seniors and it is good at any national and some state parks. So far we have hit 11 in the US. The normal fee would have been $20 per car per park. So you see, we are really saving money on this tour.We went into 3 Canadian parks, Bannf, Jasper and Kootenay.

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