Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Southeastern Indiana and the Ohio River

On Tuesday we again followed the Ohio River through southern Indiana. We saw a number of tugboats moving freight up and down the river. About mid-day we turned north to go to DeGraff, OH where we are visiting Barb's sister Shirley.
We came through Madison IN which is truly a beautiful small city, very prosperous for over 200 years. The river provided a number of smaller towns with commercial opportunity especially before the railroads came into being. Vevay was another town which shows off its heritage nicely
Madison's main street
Homes along the main street

A mansion owned by the Lanier family. James Lanier became a wealthy banker with interests in pork packing, the railroads, and real-estate.He loaned the Indiana government over one million dollars without security to help the state avoid bankruptcy during the Civil War. The money was used to pay interest on the state debt and outfit troops. It was all repaid by 1870. The state, grateful for his help, has preserved his residence in Madison,  as a state historic site.
Main Street
A few flower shots. This was in Madison.

This eclectic table configuration sits on a corner in Vevay IN. The table is old steel parts. The chairs are individually made of wood, steel, cement and bricks. Clever, but probably not very comfortable.
We are going to remain in DeGraff for a few days before returning home and wrapping up our "Western Park Tour" I think it evolved into more than just parks but thats the name and I'm stickin' to it

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