Friday, July 8, 2011

Rocky Mountain High in Colorado

We spent the night in Cortez Co. A Best Western for midgets. We don’t qualify.
We got away at 7 am so we could get to our destination in time to do laundry. Boring information I know. However there is a side benefit. The hotel server is not clogged and I was able to load my selections for your viewing pleasure in 30 minutes!!
We started north and went over the San Juan Scenic Byway. It started out rather like our home area,  pleasant, but with higher hills. It was not a busy road when we started out, but Coloradians must be late sleepers. It got busy in a hurry.  I chose pictures (of the 142 we took) in sequence of the journey as I always try to do. Then the “Other” catagories, like flowers etc. follow no sequence.
We have been over countless switchbacks on our trip. Here however was the first time I encountered some with no shoulder! What made it worse is that we seemed to always be on the outside edge. It scared Barb to look down sometimes. I told her to close her eyes (like me).
We arrived at 3:30 in Bloomington NM, minutes before 10 couples on motorcycles arrived. They are from Alabama. I think I will hide my car with the NY plates.

Another rock formation - they seem to go on forever out here.
I don't think we're in Endwell anymore.

There are several that are red like further south and west.

Still snow at below the tree line. Give it another week.

This is a smalltown called Rico. Looks nice but the stores are mostly empty. Didn't see a Walmart at 8000 feet either
Historic Durango Colorado. Busy town.  Looks neat.
Nestled in the canyon is Ourya - don't ask how to pronounce it. I don't know. Another nice looking town. Lots of tourists and is near Telluride.
Silver was mined here in this area, hence Silverado, Colorado. Started in 1880, then other minerals were found and went on till 1978 when it became too expensive to mine. Millions were taken out in silver over the year, some estimates 1/2 billion in todays dollar.
Notice the open mine entrance. It is fenced in however.
This HUGE boulder looks like it could go at any minute. It has to be 200 feet diameter.
Always enjoying a stream.
The first of our flower presentation. Wild roses in the foreground
Sort of like Blue Bonnets
Unknown to us but very delicate looking
See if you can find the rose in the cactus
More BB wannabe's
Nice combination along the road

Tommorrow we go east in New Mexico and will stay in Taos.

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