Sunday, July 10, 2011

Revisitng My Youth (or what I can remember of it.)

In 1952 I (Jim) went to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimmaron NM. It was a one month auto trip, 7 cars with no A/C, 5 explorer scouts to a car with 1 adult driver. Our driver was a teacher in Oxford NY, Mr.Butler. We spent 10 days with pack mules hiking in the NM mountains, camping, cooking and probably being a pain to the counselors and our guide. We were all from the Binghamton to Owego area. Since we were in the area we wanted to stop and take a look. It has grown tremendously and I am sorry I did not take more pictures than I did. They were checking in the next group today so it was a zoo, as it seemed like there were scouts everywhere. They also have a leadership training site. Kit Carson was very involved with the area and Philmont is on the Santa Fe Trail. He lived on the property for several years and we toured his home today, as I had done as a 14 year old. The guide said that at the time I was there a portion was original and they had located some portions that had to be rebuilt.
Shortly after leaving Taos NM.
The land changes in appearance quickly, going from flat to rolling to rugged and back. The temperature varied greatly as we gained and lost altitude.

Similar rock formations are all over Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado

The threat of fires right now is considered"extreme" and all camping hiking etc, is not allowed. I stopped along the road to take a picture and a state policeman came along and told me even that was illegal during such conditions.
I think this was the last picture I took in the Carson Forest Reserve.
There was this spot along the way where a lot of campers had come since they could not get into the reserve. Barb took a few shots of the place. Nice mailbox collection. Consider this our flower presentation for the day as we didn't get any flowers.

This is in an area  "The Stonewall" - the wall like formations are not very wide but run for a few miles along the ridge and are "dike-like".
Close up of the Stone wall. A village nearby has the same name.

This was a sort of end view and you can see the thickness.
This was the Silver Dollar Bar and Grill in La Veta CO.
A view in a NM town which I didn't write down, but its a neat picture

Just south of Pueblo CO Greenhorn Mt. Elevation 12,347 ft.
The "Tooth of Time" is on Philmont ranch. Quite famous I guess. Neat name anyway.
They were checking in leaders for the various groups here.

On the first and last day they stay here, and are on the trail for 8 days. As I recall we did some oreintation, local touring such as a rodeo in Cimmaron, Kit Carsons home which is 7 miles down the road but still on the ranch.

We came across these mule deer bucks making their way across the road and the fence. They went one by one over the fence. There were at least 8.

Cimmaron and much of the route we traveled was part of the Sant Fe Trail
Cimmaron had a reputation as being a rowdy town and there were several who they claim spent time here. It was used as a hideout type place.
Clay Ellison was a gunslinger while Mr. Lambert was the saloon keeper.
So - We are in Pueblo CO tonight  - got another free night fromthe hotel chain, that makes 4 so far. Should have at least 2 more before we get home. At the price they charge, we should get some freebies!
Tommorrow we take a loop in the mountains and end up in Colorado Springs.

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