Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No "Peaking" at Pike but Car, Train and Lots of LLama's

We went to the Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs. It is now owned and operated by the local county and is free to tour. We then decided that since there were clouds all over the top of Pikes Peak, we would forgo that and go visit Cripple Creek, which was the largest area of gold mines in Colorado
These huge outcroppings appear to be out of place and almost look fake.
Balanced Rock. I know we have seen a number of others but this one is 700 tons.
There are paved footpaths amongst the pine you see in the foreground and it was nice for Barb to be able to use her walker to tour most all of the paths.
It was fairly early and the sun was in our face at this spot. We start early to avoid the crowds.
These guys got up early also.

This guy was being coached from below. They have a staff to help with those who are qualified to climb.

The following are on the way "up" from Colorado springs. We climb 2000 feet. Our poor car is exhausted.

This is an overview of Cripple Creek. I always had it as in a valley in my thoughts.
They have a number of buildings with murals

Main Street is lined with flags and casinos

We took a tour train of the old mines. There were many here during the 1880 to 1920 era.

One of the remaining buildings from the gold miners era
This is now the gold mine here at Cripple Creek. It is open pit on top with a chemical process to separate the gold from the ore. It does $400 million a year.
Our flower presentation is brought to you by the First Baptist Church of Cripple Creek

Lots of LLamas
I hate being penned up with all these guys
"So ahh - where you guys going tommorrow?"
Glad you asked. I think we are heading for Kansas in the morning

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