Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Mexico heading east to Philmont Scout Ranch

We left Bloomfield about 7:30 - arrived at Taos about 1:30. We wanted to see some of Taos and it was the last place to get a room before we started further east toward Philmont Scout Ranch. Had a really nice room last night. Best Western. Tonights is OK but not as nice. The internet was not too slow.
Sights we have seen for days, yet they are still fascinating.
The valley not far from Bloomfield.

What keeps it from tipping over?
Was this an early settlers ranch?

Brasoz Cliffs formed from what is described as the oldest type of rock. Huge
Looking over the huge valley.

I tried a panoramic picture from the same spot as the above picture

Crossing over the Rio Grande, just before Taos. Must be 300 feet down to the river. Looks small.

Located about 3 miles from the center of Taos is the Tas Pueblo village. It has been continuosly occupied for over 100 years. Very hot and dusty in the area. Inside the building I went into it was comfortable. Outside it was 97, but dry.
The church in the pueblo village
This pueblo is being rebuilt after fire.

Who remembers Kit Carson?They do here!

FBC of Taos

The San Francisco de Asis Mission. Build between 1710 and 1801. The most painted and photgraphed adobe church in the southwest.
Our Flower presentation

Along the street
There were about 10 nests of some type of swallow in this overhang of a pueblo. David would love this house.
On the trip to Taos we went through 40 miles of Gas wells and distribution areas. We saw at least 40  transporting tankers.
Tommorrow we will drive to Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimmaron NM. We hope to attend church there.Then we will go on to Pueblo CO.

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