Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mokentuciana route

 We left Arnold Missouri this morning at 7:45. Our mission was to drive through southern Il, go to church and cross over into KY and stay in Evansville IN which is on the border. It was a pleasant day, temperature was about 93 all day. We did not do much outside the car. We thought this was an unusual amount of pintos to see at one time.
The Mississippi from the bridge
One of our last looks at the Mississippi. Getting this almost made us late for church in Carbondale Il. We attended the Lakewood Baptist there.
Bridge over the Ohio from Illinois to KY
Crossing the Ohio again- we did twice today. This was into Indiana. Still a lot of comercial boating.
A busy Ohio River boat ramp in Henderson KY
We were not looking at the map, nor did I have Mary Beth programmed to our destination, so we went 11 miles out of the way. Not the first time but the furthest we went before we realized we were wrong.

Flat to the right and rear. Barb didn't have her window down!
Hills starting to appear the east and south. This was in Illinois, near the border with KY
We came across this between Weldon and Corydon KY. What in the world is it?
It stretched as far as I could see from and into the corn field so I naturally suspected it transported corn at harvest time.
We were able to follow it from where we first saw it for about 2 miles. Here it went up and over a corn planting.
When we finally got to the end, a mile off the main road, we saw that it was a coal transporter. No one was around to ask but saw the name  "Henderson" It is a coal company but I could not find out more about the transporter. We wondered how far away the mine was.

We passed through Corydon KY and I spotted this in the middle of the town as we drove by. We turned around to get a picture. (Actually we needed something to show you also)
Mr. Chandler had a brilliant career serving our nation. Unfortunately, all I knew before was that he was the Baseball commissioner for a while.

Our "flower" presentation

Trees we have seen a few times the last few days. What are they?
These are another bush / tree we did not recognize.
If anyone knows what these are let us know.

It's really hard to come up with bank names I guess.
We are in Evansville IN and will drive into the central part of IN tommorrow on a route from our tour book.

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  1. I wanted to wait and ask Cheryl and she agrees that these are probably crepe myrtle (or crape myrtle) trees/bushes. They grow in various sizes. We have a small one in front of our house and our neighbor has one between our houses that is taller - about 15 feet in size.