Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moab to Bluff -What? You never heard of them?

Today we slept in till 7am. We could not get into the breakfast room as they only had 4 tables. We went to a Denny's and got a few tips on other things to do in the Moab area beside Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.
We get as much information from the locals as we do from books and internet.
The hole in the rock is not a natural hole. A man and his wife owned 20 acres along Rt. 191 in SW Utah. He decided to dynamite out caves in this 60ft. high rock for a home. He started out with about 500 square feet and had his home and a small resturant,eventually carving out a 5000 foot home. It now is open for tours.Because of the mass of the rock, it maintains a high 60's to low 70's temp year round. Pretty amazing. It now is a tourist attraction. I wonder how they painted the sign.
It is south of Moab where we stayed. The route south is impressive, more canyons, huge cliffs, mesas and large boulders.

Prior to starting south we went north to Rt. 128. It runs along the Colorado through huge canyons. We followed it for several miles till we decided to get back to our original plan to head south.

The bus coming is dwarfed by the canyon walls.

The bus went past us and you can see it at the turn in the canyon road.It gives you a sense of the size of the canyon.

This is Wilson Arch south on 191 from Moab. It is a fairly easy walk up to the base of the arch. You can see a few on the lower left of the arch base

Jim under a rock .

Off Rt 191 there is a 22 mile road going back to what is called Needles Overlook. It overlooks Canyonlands National Park southeast corner.  The total park is 527 Sq. Miles.
A tablet at this point on Needles Overlook tells you we are looking at the Colorado River. (It is really a picture I took, not faked.)
Everywhere there are opportunities to camp and hike. it is a wonderland for people who enjoy and are able to do that.

Our Flower of the Day. It was 93 degrees.

Art Shot of the Day - "The Long Straight Road Behind"
Tonight we are staying in Bluff UT. We ate at a local cafe that offered Navajo Pizza. We orderd one with Grilled dough (as opposed to deep fried) and BarBQue chicken. It was good, but still like Consol's. We will leave to go to see the pueblo's in Arizona in the morning, coming back and east into Colorado via "4 corners". Stay Tuned.

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