Friday, July 15, 2011

"Last Chance for Beans, Bacon and Whiskey"

After we left Hutchinson at 8 am we resumed our following of the Santa Fe Trail, in reverse. (I guess that would be the Ef Atnas Liart) OK it's late. So we came through a number of intersections of Rt 56 with the trail. The two most interesting were Council Grove and Gardner, KS
The building above was a supply store called "The Last Chance Store" in Council Grove built in 1857.

They have done a nice job of preserving their history here in Council Grove. It was one of those towns
 you could say looked like a nice place to live.


This pays tribute to the women who made the arduous trip, and particularly those who did not survive.

Between Council Grove and Gardner is this spot where wagon ruts are more visible.
This sign was on a dirt road just off Rt. 56. We had read about it in our tour book courtesy of Rick and Jo.
This was on top of a small hill behind the previous sign. You can see they spared no expense with the signs.
It was about 96 degrees when I hiked up the hill to see the ruts. You're right, I'm nuts.
They would be much more plain but the area is set aside to grow the orignal prarie grass that covered this area before agriculture took over.

This Main Street is paved with Red Bricks.
We saw this in at least 3 towns, Dodge, Council Grove and Osage City. They are on the National Register. I remember we had them in Johnson City on Grand Avenue as well as others. They are holding up very well here.  Dodge had much of the north part of the city paved in brick. At the intersections they are at a 45 degree angle to prevent the turning direction of the tires from dislodging them.
Gardner was the point where 3 trails west became 2. The Santa Fe, California, and Oregon Trail ran together from Kansas City to this point. Here the SF went off to the soutwest.

There was one small train still moving west.
Under watchful eyes!

We thought perhaps we missed a turn somewhere.

Then - we knew it.

Who says Kansas is boring?
Tonight we are staying over in Boonville MO. about 60 miles west of St.Louis. Tommorrow we are going to go to Hannibel MO. for a Mark Twain mini tour, and then to St.Louis for a paddlewheeler tour.

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