Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just when you thought we were done......

Sunday Night Sunset in DeGraff Ohio. It stays light till around 9:30 here as they are close to the time zone change. After dark our kids loved to catch fireflies (AKA Lighting Bugs).
We stayed at Shirleys from Tuesday till Monday morning and are taking our time geting home. We hate for it to end. We will go through southern PA to get peaches and then get home Wednesday 7/27. It will be 55 days on the road.It has been really enjoyable and an experience we will not soon forget.

Barb and sister Shirley. She moved to DeGraff from Owego in 1948 after marrying a man from here. The husbands father was from Newark Valley and he married a girl from DeGraff. He was a friend of Barb and Shirley's father. No further generations followed the pattern. I didn't notice her eyes were closed till after I put the picture on the screen. We were long gone by then.
DeGraff was where we came with the kids on vacation often - only relatives invite 5 kids anywhere. They have to.
While in DeGraff we visited with our dear friends the Schlumbaums who developed a huge farm in Logan County. They are retired and their son continues to run and enlarge the farm.

We have added a few pictures of the landscape and farms here. This is actually rolling but it looks flat in the picture.

A lot of brick homes here as well as clapboard siding. Most places are very well kept. This one I would rate so-so.

I thought this was interesting, but certainly not typical.

Lots of dips in the roads. Once I had a flat in a dip and had the boys standing guard to warn oncoming cars.
Many of the towns have a nice center park in the middle of town with stores and streets on all 4 sides. Many of the stores here, like everywhere have been Walmarted.
We came across an accident.Two significant differences in technology ages in use by this owner.
Soon - help was on the way.
They came from Illinois, and Michigan as well as around Ohio

They were all 1914 or earlier. That was criteria for being on the tour.
Turned out none of them could help and he had to wait and not continue with the tour they were all on.
We traveled through Holmes County OH which is the Ohio version of Lancaster area, but not as commercial - yet.
Looks like a cut out but he was actually waiting for the owner.

Another farm enroute.
One of the ways they harvest and store hay. Others have huge block bails

This Amish farm made actual haystacks. No room for sleeping under these however.
Haystacks dot this field.
It was Monday and you may be able to see the laundry on the line. It's like clockwork on Monday. Barb and I remember when that was true in our homes as well.  I am sure many of you do also. Maybe you still do!! 
LLarry the LLama watchin over his sleeping sheep.

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