Monday, July 18, 2011

Indiana wandering's

We left Evanville IN at 7:30 and took a circituitous route to North Vernon IN
This is an old store in a village called "Story" In. It was basically an abandoned village which a couple purchased several homes and this old store which they redid into an inn and restaurant.More on this place later.
We drove along the Ohio River for about 40 miles
A number of places are very rural while other areas are industrial.
This is near Tell City where there are locks for commercial shipping. The locks are just out of view.
This tug was pushing 4 barges which looked like coal upriver. 4 is the limit for upriver shipments.
This cabin sits on the Main Street in New Salem. There was no sign or any information on it. Some towns seem to do a better job of revealing their history
The fort was built in 1812. General William Henry Harrison, then Governor of Indiana, ordered a fort built to protect the 90 families in the area. This replica was built in 1969 using records of where and how the original was constructed.It was one of the things we stumbled upon.

I always thought of Indiana with all straight, flat, boring roads. Today we traveled on all sorts, hilly, flat, curving and many rollercoaster rise and falls. Southern Indiana is a very pretty area.
We saw a number of picturesque barns today.Here are a few.

This barn is in Story IN behind the Inn
Sad to see, but farming has changed everywhere.
Our Flower Presentation is from Story, Indiana. These were taken in a garden behind and near the old store in our lead picture.

This town - Santa Claus, In is just off I64 and includes a couple theme parks as well as a few businesses
And bringing up the rear of our posting --- This in Hawksville KY just acrtoss the Ohio River.
We are going to be at Barb's sisters for a few days and she has no internet capability. Most likely I will not be able to post, but I do plan to do at least one more to wrap up our trip. We have been on the road since June 3rd and it will seem good to not pack and unpack for a few days.

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