Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally getting close to home

Crossing once again the Ohio River as we went into West Virginia.

Still a lot of commercial transportation going up and down the river

A Pennsylvania inn. We decided to look further.

This was a British fort during the early 1700's and a young George Washington was here during the French and Indian War.

Pennsylvania landscape shots

View from Mt. Ararat, altitude 2900 ft. Significantly lower than where we have been but still beautiful

Some years ago we spent an anniversary here in Myerstown at the Lantern Lodge. We have been back twice now. They have continued to upgrade and improve it.
This dining room was the second floor of a barn when we were first here.

Crossing over the Trail
We arrived At Sean, Kim and Kaidence's home and were happy to see some hair coming in, and a sweet little girl. Her blood count numbers were quite good after this latest round of Chemotherapy.
A benefit is being held on August 20th for the family in Endwell NY. You can find more information on Facebook, search "Team Kaidence"

Sean and Kim O'Donnell

This truck load of fire hydrants was spotted on Rt. 81 north. A large dog pack was seen waiting up the road.
We plan to blog a summary of our trip as soon as we can get resettled.  

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