Saturday, July 16, 2011

Eastern Missouri rambling

Samuel Clemens  A.K.A Mark Twain
We left Boonville at 7:15 and drove to Hannibel, toured the village, had coffee and then drove toward St.Louis as we had reservations on a river tour at 4:30.
This statue is right in a small park near Mark Twains boyhood home and almost on the riverfront.
Dueling cameras - Mississippi in the background
We took an hour tour of Hannibel on this trolley. The tour guide spoke as though Mark and Tom Sawyer were the same person and lived here. Very folksy tour.
Mark Twain's boyhood home. The famous white fence of his novel is said to be inspired here.
Ah - Sweet Becky lived just across the street from Tom
Lovers Leap - overlooking the Mississippi just south of Hannibel

Indian tale of lovers who were denied togetherness and jumped from the point known as Lovers Leap.
This is on the back of the preceeding.
Barb and I have always tried to seek out confluences of rivers. We did Old Miss and the Ohio, and East and West Susquehanna,  and the Adirondack rivers. We wanted to see the Missouri and the Mississippi, but after a drive out of our way by about 30 miles, we were met with this. Turns out Ol Miss has been high for a while and Confluence Park is closed. Wish the moose out front had told us.
The statue of Mark Twain in Hannibel overlooks the Mississippi below.
"The Tom Sawyer" tour boat. The other is not "Huck Finn", but "Becky Thatcher"
We took an hour tour on this - It was long enough. Interesting but this part of the river is very industrial, heavy with barge holding points and other buildings and equipment that take away from the charm of being on such a boat. 
This was from the dock while waiting for our paddleboat tour to begin. No this is not McDonald's Headquarters.
From the tour boat (The paddle was fake)
Since we have no good flower pictures, I thought this was a real good sustitute. A1955 Packard Patrician. Good Year, Good Car.
Tommorrow we head for southern Illinois and a tour route there. We plan to attend church along the way. The heat is still very high, mid 90's.

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