Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Click your heels Barb - We're going to Kansas

People said Kansas has nothing to see and is boring to cross. We decided to follow the Santa Fe Trail across, stop in Dodge City and continue to follow the trail. We had a good day, and only about 300 miles. There are a number of markers for the trail and we stopped at all we could find. Quite a change, from the mountains of western Colorado to the plains of eastern Colorado and Kansas.
The Ruts left by the wagons, traveling 4 abreast, for 51 years left scars on the land that still are somewhat visible. The history of the mostly comercial trail is interesting. In these 2 pictures the slightly grassy sections coming toward the camera are the main part of the trail. They are hard to see- there are 3 in view here and all 4 in the next.
The recently built road sort of divides the 3rd and 4th rut
Kansas wind does wonders for hairdos. It is constant, and is said to be a hardship for early travelers.
I have never seen this type of hay bale.For about 40 miles in eastern Colorado, this was common to see. I need to ask Rich Schlumbaum about it.
We also saw 11 huge Cattle feeder places such as this. There thousands of cattle in each one, apparently being fattened up before being sent for slaughter. They had no grass or shade and some pens had no place for them all to lay down. We are not PETA people but this seems cruel.
Those are all cattle - this particular operation had 5 or 6 such pens and we saw some even larger.
Our flower presentation for the day. It is actually a crop and I need to ask Rich about this also.

This is a field of the above. There were many such fields planted. Rich by the way is a good friend who retired - sort of - from operating a large farm in DeGraff, Ohio. He is very knowledgable on all aspect of farming and will no doubt be able to give me a full tutorial on these things.
We've seen this guy in other places but they are very delicate looking but seem to grow well in harsh environs.
So - you see, we didn't find Kansas boring. It was interesting and fun today.
Tomorrow we will tour Dodge City and then get out to Hutchinson (sorry - had to)
We will visit with some old friends from our time in Germany, Homer and Ester Smith.

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