Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bryce Canyon, Red Canyon and Cedar Break National Park

Because we could not go to Zion and feared the crowds would be heavy at Bryce we "beat the crowd"and got there from Kanab by 8:30. We were able to see the vista points without a lot of interference. At one point the only sound was that of digital camera fake shutter sounds. We came though Red Canyon on the way and that in itself was worth the trip. Our hunch was right, as about the time we were ready to go, the lines were forming to get into the park. Leaving Bryce for our overnight in Richfield we went over the mountains via Rt. 143 through Cedar Break National Park, a little known park that has so much beautiful to see, with similarity to Bryce and Red Canyon.

The following 4 are in Red Canyon, an entry way to Bryce
We wondered what could outdo what we had just seen.
Well, here are just few samples.
And now a few"Art shots"

The artist and Yankee fan
A few pictures from Cedar Break National Park

The flower section of our presentation

Nor 17, 434,81,26
It's this!! Apparently there has been some confusion.
A few pastoral scenes

And lest you think all of Utah is gorgeous -
This - across from the prior watering scene
Tommorrow is the 4th and we are planning to see a parade in Richfield UT, do some planning, some laundry, shopping and get a little break. After that we will head east for Archers National Park, unless we get a better idea

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