Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July in small town America - Ya gotta luv it.

Meet Matt and Lisa
We stopped overnight in Richfield UT and decided to stay an extra night to rest up, plan the next few days and celebrate the 4th of July. Richfield had a parade in the morning and we decided to go. Barb took her walker and used it for a seat. We stood next to a young couple and began to talk. They are Matt and Lisa Vellinga. They have 6 children, between 17 and 4 with a set of twins included. They invited us to attend a patriotic service at the LDS church in Annabella which was a community event. Annabella is a small town a few miles from Richfield. It was a very nice time of remembering those who have given their all and celebrating our freedoms with a choir, children singing, a video and a short talk reminding us of what it means to be patriotic. After that they had a community hamburger and hot dog picnic with all sorts of homemade dishes. It was at the community town hall and community center. They had games for the young and young at heart. It was really nice. There will be fireworks tonight . We were greeted by many people and many wondered what had brought us to their small town. We had a really good time.

There were more children at this parade than I have ever seen. Seems like each family has 4 to 5 children.

They spun ping pong balls out of a spreader for the kids. They loved it.
The Airforce did a flyover
There were tributes to those in the service and those who had served.
Several older cars, this a Nash metropolitan from the 50's
A Connestoga wagon
A collection for Christmas donations for servicemen
Hope they don't get the containers mixed

Honoring some local servicemen
Lisa helping Barb get to a seat to watch the races and games
Always a favorite
They had races for everyage from crawlers up to "over" teens
This little guy won the year old division
 The mountains are always in view.
Tommorrow we head toward Arches National Park. Matt suggested we go via Capital Reef National Park. It is supposed to have "water pocket fold  cliffs" . I have no idea what that means so we are going to find out.

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  1. Catching up the last couple of days' posts. Continue to be amazed by the awe inspiring scenery. The 4th celebration in small town America seems to be what it is all about. Fantastic.