Thursday, June 16, 2011

Washington North Cascades beauty

Traveling from Omak WA to Mt. Vernon WA today. We figured it would be more of the same scenes we saw in the Canadian Rockies, and to some degree it was. However, the valleys were not as wide, so it seemed we were closed in more, making the mountains more imposing, and the streams, feed by melting snow, much closer.  It started out in orchard and vineyard terrain but as we climbed into the Cascades, more rugged. Winthrop, a small town in the foothills has capitalized on its location and built western town facades on all the stores in 1972. Now almost 40 years later they have faded to give an authentic appearance. The prices were however in keeping with the 21st century. A rather large number of bikers were traveling, both motor and pedal, as has been the case at most  parks we have seen. The flowers and vegetation are so lush  and seemed even more-so as we came to the western side of the Cascades. It was an easy travel day, starting later because we had to redo our pill boxes, and try to get ready to find our way to the ferry to take us to the Olympic Peninsula. We will have to report on that tomorrow. Barb felt like having Mexican food tonight, which is unusual for her, and Mary Beth, our GPS girl found us a good one. We got to talk to Jenny on her birthday today. We also were able to listen to the Yankees play on XM radio the last few days as we traveled.

 Please continue to pray for the Wyman family. Now that the funeral is over, the reality will set in. Kurt’s Mom played a flute solo and Dad spoke at the funeral held in the public auditorium in Utica. The Utica Observer – Dispatch had tremendous coverage of the tragic event and the reaction of the family, friends, Marines and the police services who attended.

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