Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sequoia, Kings Canyon - 12 hours, Twisting roads and 2- $5 ice cream bars

Jim in front of a giant Sequoia

I thought since everything was gigantic today I would make the pictures bigger. (Actually I just realized I could)

As we started up into the mountains, the Sierra Nevada chain, we came through miles of vineyards and orchards all neatly in rows and trimmed. When we left we came down another way and found more of the same. We drove 279 miles today and at least 50 was along orchards or vineyards.
One of many giant sequoias in the park.These and all in a grove of about 4 acres, with trails neatly placed, fencing of western cedar to protect the trees from varmits.

If you look closely there are people on the right side of the tree. This is General Grant tree, many of the trees are named, which is the largest in the area, third largest in the world. It is 1700 years old, 40 feet diameter at the base, 120 feet circumference, 1254 tons. These are all calculated, Luke based on downed trees which have been measured, weighed etc
The next few are in King's Canyon, a 32 mile deadend drive that took us about 4 hours. We have 170 pictures from today

The stream you see in the middle is about 20 feet across and totally white water.

Now for the flower part of our blog
Yucca flowers taller than a man, growing everywhere wild.
Yuccas and cactus
Little "blue bonnet" like flowers that grow wild in a lot of places we have seen
The roses are in the median of a 4 lane highway that we took for 60 miles from Versalia to Bakersfield
I was next to what looked like black eyed susans.

They warn people with signs everwhere about the bears."Lock up your stuff in special lockers" etc, then have a picnic area here. I think the bears added the picnic area part.

These are Grizzly Falls
This is Kings River, which you saw in the picture from the road higher up from the canyon floor. The road follows this along the floor for about 8 miles and it looks like this almost all the way. It may not be this rapid in late summer. There is still snow on the mountain tops.
BTW The $5 ice cream bars were at a station not far from where I took this picure. At least it was Haagen Daz

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