Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sheridan WY to Yellowstone east gate

Today was a surprise in that it was windy and cold last night and rainy this morning when we left Sheridan Wy. We were to travel over the Big Horn Mountains to get to Cody. There was no research done on this leg, just take the most reasonable route according to the map to get to Cody and the eastern entrance to Yellowstone. Rt. 14 which we chose, turns out, is called the Big Horn Scenic Highway. Scenic it was or at least after we got to the top. Going up out of Sheridan the only scenic thing I could see was the yellow line 20 feet in front of the car. Fog, rain and switchback curves galore. As we approached the top it was clearing and beautiful, with snow increasing in depth along the sides as we went. None in the road fortunately. The long decent was just spectacular and we took picture after picture. The road follows Shell Creek which was roaring, but in it’s banks. At a spot called Shell Falls Interpretive Center there were long walkways where you could see the creek as it roared down a canyon that varied from 40 to 100 feet below our observation point. After the decent slowed the land opened up into a broad valley with mountains on each side, canyons working their way back until they disappear from road view. Then it was again like driving along the top of a high plateau, with an area where wild horses, deer and antelope play. Never hearing a discouraging word, we entered into Cody WY. After calling Shirley Parsons to get their address we made a 2 hour stop to visit Norma and Bruce Taylor who we knew from Newark Valley Baptist Church. We then came on to Pahaska Tepee, a lodging, restaurant, store spot founded by Buffalo Bill in 1909. I think our smal lodge was the one the workers slept in. Spartan would be overstated, inexpensive – not! 1 chair, no TV,no desk,no fridge, one bag of ice per night but wireless works if I put the computer on the bed at a certain angle. 2 nights here because it is right outside the east entrance to Yellowstone. Cody is 55 miles east from here so…..
There is one other thing about our accommodations, it comes with a roaming herd of buffalo. I really did not like him that near my car, but he was 10 feet from our porch.

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