Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Pleasant Sunday Drive

Started out early this Sunday morning with a breakfast at Joshua’s in Port Angeles. We then started out for Chehalis WA. about a 145 mile drive. The weather is rainy and cold. We sure got here at the wrong time.
Logging is very important in this area and this is one of many piles of logs waiting to be transported for processing. The bark is stripped as it comes into this huge yard. It was busy at 8 am Sunday morning.

This huge gripper picks up a load and transports them to a loading dock where they are put into the hold of a transport ship.

Truck after truck was unloaded and the logs lifted into the hold.

We drove about 17 miles on our route and stopped at the Sequim Bible Church (Pronounced skwim) They had a 9:30 service which we enjoyed.
Casinos and Totem Poles are popular here in NW Washington

As with all the vegitation here, the wild roses are plentiful.

As part of the Puget Sound, this salt water inland portion has clams and oysters pursued by those willing to get muddy and dig them. The tide was low when we came through. Thus the saying "Happy as a clam at HIGH tide!"

In areas where the sun is unable to get to the ground because of heavy coverage, the moss is dense on trees and anything in this shade. We saw a junk motor home covered with moss. Wish I had stopped to get a picture.

Moss coats the trunks for 15 to 20 feet on this tree.

This restaurant was next to our motel and we ate dinner there - very good!
Tomorrow if the weather allows visabilty we will go to Mt. Rainer.

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