Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oregon Coastline and other things that have to be in a proper Blog

There has to be what we did.
We spend today traveling from Lincoln City OR to Roseburg, OR, only about 170 miles, but it took us all day, 8 am to 5:30 PM, with a shopping stop in Waldport OR. More about that later.
The Oregon coastline is dramatic, with cliffs and beaches and even a large section with large sand dunes. 

You need a personal note.
I got tired of having fuzzy pictures when I zoomed out with the Cannon A1000. Even though I have the digital zoom off, they still were not clear. Enter a new camera for telephoto, not what a pro would use, but better. It's Father's Day, Christmas and Birthday rolled into one.

You need a puzzle.
Pretty soon Barb was getting more " Artsy" with her Cannon. This picture was taken by her from the car. Pretty clever I thought. Know how she did it?

When Barb's along you need an Artsy shot

There has to be a flower section to the Blog.
There are so many and such profusion with the vegetation here in the North West.

This huge root stump looked very old.

The yellow flowers we have shown you before are called Scotch Broom and are disliked because they are so aggressive.
This qualifies an an educational section

There has to be an emergency.

There has to be mountain and water shots

Really endless mountains (sorry Pennsylvania)

And some wildlife shots if you can get them.
 The Elk was in an area called an Elk Viewing Area. There were several others nearby but the grass was so tall only their backs showed as they grazed.These last 3 were on the way inland toward Rosburg OR.

There needs to be a conclusion.

So tommorrow we head out for Crater Lake. Some of the roads the are still closed, but we are supposed to be able to get to the a place called "Discovery Point" where the first known European saw Crater Lake.

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