Saturday, June 11, 2011

Livingston Mt. overnight in a very nice Quality Inn. We left at 8:30 and headed north on Rt.89 toward Glacier National Park, our next goal. Because of the distance to and through the park we stopped overnight in Cut Bank Montana. What! You never heard of it? This area was a part of the Lewis and Clark campaign, as the Missouri River was the major route they used to explore, and Cut Bank was the area Lewis had trouble with the Blackfeet Indians (who had been here for longer than we have been a nation)
The route was varied between high plains and mountainous, with many ranches and few towns, few looking prosperous. We stopped for a really good meal in Great Falls at a local family restaurant that was very busy at 1pm on a Saturday. That clue told us to try it. Best pot roast I have had (in a restaurant), Barb had a really good open face steak which we finished in our room tonight. The motel in Cut Bank is old and beat up, sign on the door asks you to clean the mud off your boots before entering. It is however adequate and has wireless!  (More text below)

Since we arrived at Cut Bank at 3:30 we drove around and came across a wedding party coming out of the church and getting into a wagon drawn by a John Deere tractor complete with bucket loader. The girls were in pinkish dresses and the guys, groom included, wore chartreuse shirts with red flowers pinned as a boutonniere  and black slacks. Quite a sight. I did not have my camera but took one with my phone. If you would like a copy for a future wedding, send me a text. Jenny has already requested more information. Mark asked about the John Deere.

Montana has been really fun to drive through. As we drove there were mountains all around if we weren't going throught them. In a very high plain area we drove into a heavy storm south of Cut Bank.  At one point it was sunny and clear to the west, and dark, ominous clouds and heavy rain on us and to our east. I can see why the people here love the state.

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  1. You're in the land of 75MPH speed limits now, right? It used to be, I think, that Montana had no daytime speed limit on some of the rural freeways until about 10 years ago.