Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lead, Deadwood, Spearfish Canyon, Devils Tower to Sheridan Wy

We slept in this morning and did not leave Rapid City till after 8 am. If felt good to not rush. First stops were Leads and Deadwood, notable for the 2nd South Dakota Gold Rush in the 1870’s. Did you know there was a first? Also – Wild Bill Hickock was shot playing cards in Deadwood, and Calamity Jane lived to a ripe age and is buried there. We drove through Spearfish Canyon and saw a very beautiful part of the Black Hills. We stopped at Sundance Wy., where the Sundance Kid -Harry  Longabaugh was from. I don’t think he looked like Robert Redford. Next came Devils Tower, an amazing tower in the middle of relatively flat land. Finally across the odd terrain to Sheridan.  The land is generally rolling, but many small “hills” that are volcano shaped, and vary in size from 10 feet to 50 to 60 feet, hundreds of them, interspersed with gorges that look like they were caused by erosion. We came to Sheridan by 5pm. Out to eat at Oliver’s Bar and Grill, a wannabe fancy restaurant. It was OK but overpriced. The last 3 days we have seen the most unusual landscape we have ever seen. We received bad news today that Deputy Sheriff Kurt Wyman, son and grandson of the Wyman family, friends who did a lot of work for us on our Old Forge home, was killed in a domestic dispute resolution. His wife was in labor for their 2nd child at the time in Utica. Please pray for this family.

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  1. Half the pictures have a statue sitting down. How tired can rocks get?