Friday, June 10, 2011

June 9th first day in Yellowstone

(This is published a day late because we had no internet last night.)
Spent from 8 am to 8pm touring Yellowstone, with a 50 mile trip into Grand Teton National Park. It was so rainy/snowy we could not see anything in the Teton’s so we came back north into Yellowstone. It is such a beautiful place but still have a lot of snow. Some places the snow along the road was still 12 feet high, especially in Sylvan Pass just in the East Gate where we are staying. The temperature varied from 37 to 45 depending on the elevation. We saw at least 200 buffalo, mostly in herds grazing in various places along the way, but some like the ones around our cabin site are but 4 to 6. Lots of elk, a few grizzlies, one, a mother with a newborn, a few antelope and 2 Bighorn sheep.  Many geyser and geothermal areas with of course Old Faithful. We arrived about 10 minutes after one eruption so we waited for about an hour for the next one. The eruptions occur either 65 or 90 minutes apart, depending on the duration of the previous eruption. They have constructed all sorts of buildings and a large indoor viewing area, as well as a long semicircular sidewalk with benches within 50 feet of the geyser. It lasted about 2 to 3 minutes. We saw others as well, not as large. The driving routes take you past dozens of geothermal areas where the hot water coming up surrenders steam into the air, so they are visible for some distance. We did several out of the way roads and covered a great deal of the southern and central section. Ate lunch in one of the service areas, 2 third pound hamburgers which were very good, and one Pepsi, $20. We will do the northern tomorrow as we go into Montana just a few miles. Our phone in the room doesn’t work and we have no cell service, the internet is down so you will be seeing this a day late. Needless to say, this place is not going to get any recommendations from us. Pahaska Tepee

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  1. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I'm glad we don't still have 12 feet of snow, though. :)