Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5th Fairmont Mn. to Rapid City SD via Badlands

Left Fairmont at 6:40 EDT. Went to Central Time at 6 CDT. Wow - we gained an hour already today. About Noon CDT we went to Mountain Daylight Time. Now we gained 2 hours. Don't know why they have such a small section here for Central time but.... We saw beautiful rolling terrain initially, with literally hundreds of wind powered generators, then very flat till we crossed the wide Missouri and it became very severe hills - mogul like hills and valleys. When we came to the western corner of SD we began to run into the Badlands. We were not prepared for the sights. Hard baked mud hills is what they are - of course that is not the way they are described, but the material crumbles to dry dirt when you dig at it. Thousands of acres- We drove for 40 miles at least and still did not see all the areas. However, while they are interesting and beautiful, after a while it seems to be more of the same. Did some walking into the areas but not much. Left  the park and stopped at Wall Drug Store. Very busy, commercial, overpriced but fun. Got to the Motel at 5:30pm MDT. Ready to quit for the day.

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  1. Sounds very interesting. Dad, you're doing great with these updates! It's been fun keeping up with you for the last couple of days. I see you even have pictures today! Please keep it up!

    P.S. Googled "Wall Drug Store" and see that it's "America's Favorite Roadside Attraction"... It's hard to believe it could be better than Pedro, but anything's possible, I guess.