Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4th Elkhart Indiana to Fairmont Minnesota

Left Elkhart Indiana at 6:45 headed for Fairmont, Minnesota. I always thought of Indiana as flat and boring, but the northern part where we traveled was rolling and very nice. Same in Illinois so it was very nice driving all the way. Wisconsin Dells were interesting and made us wonder where the farmer was. So after a few rounds of the children’s song decided Dells must be small valleys, often with water and trees.  Gas Report - was still more than NY in Illinois, so we bought 5 gallons at $4.12 and did not have to get any till we were in Wisconsin. There we paid $3.77. Busy roads at 7 am in Chicago which seemed surprising  to us.  We had some time so decided we could stop and see some very old friends, the Broton’s in Byron, Minnesota. (Sorry Kari – we had not seen them in 6 years) Renewed friendships with Bill, Elfie, Mark and John. Left there and got to Faimont at about 9 pm. Still light but our hotel did not have a room on the first floor and had no elevator so they put us up in a Hampton on the same lot. Small room, 1 Queen bed, not much for $80. Fortunately it is just for tonight.


  1. Hopefully we will see you in august! Glad your friends were home to visit. You were very close though! Safe travels!!!

  2. Up at 4 a.m. first day, then on the road at 6:45 second day -- don't you guys realize you are on vacation? Don't know if I should let Cheryl read these posts or not as she would say, "See, if they can do it..." Be safe.

    (not letting me post with google account, so will try aol account)