Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3rd Endicott to Elkhart Indiana

Got up at 4am. Neither of us could sleep. You'd think we were 12 year old looking forward to our first trip to Yankee Stadium. Got away at 5:20 after eating, doing a load of wash, packing a lunch (can't waste what's in the fridge!!) and a bunch of other little last minute things. Drove for 11 and 1/2 hours though beautiful western NY wondering why we were going anywhere. Got detoured in Salamanca for a 45 minute delay, but got to see Ellicottville which is a really nice little town. Back on 86 west and decided I needed to make a design change to the packing plan. Couldn't see out the back very well and needed to make better use of vertical space. Much better now. Then we decided to go around Cleveland instead of going right through on 90. Bad decision. Got into local community traffic south of Cleveland and finally paid attention to what the nice lady in the GPS was saying. Oh - I also had to reset preferences to allow toll roads and not minimize interstates. After that she made more sense. If only she had said something earlier. Got on route I80/I90 finally and found out they like to slow traffic down to a crawl by placing policemen along a 70 mph very busy road. People who seem to think that the policeman can chase erveryone at the same time slow down to 55 and traffic backs up for miles, often times resembling a parking lot. That happened 3 times between Cleveland and Toledo. At one point I saw 8 people out of their cars in the median sunning themselves. At least they were freindly. Once we got to Indiana all was well, except they have the honor of having higher gas prices than the Southern Tier - $4.12 to $4.29. Fortunatley I had filled up in Ohio for $3.79. Getting about 25.5 mpg even with the snail pace across Ohio.  So we are at a Sleep Inn for under $70 and it is very nice. Might have something to do with the fact there are hotels everywhere you look at this exit. Did a little planning for our next 2 days and going to bed. We are 20 miles from Central Time Zone and it is still very light at 9pm.


  1. Don't you mean a twelve year old going to Fenway for the first time? :)

  2. Have a great trip! If you get in our area we would love to see you! Lodging is free and so is the coffee! Drive safe!

  3. Very cute, Jacob!!!! Dad- should I let Jaime correct the spelling errors like you do to her?!?! So Mom- how calm did he remain through all that traffic??!! Any leg jiggling or "dancing" as Josh would say? Have fun tomorrow!!! Love you both!!!