Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10th Into Yellowstone again and on to Livingston, Montana

Left Pahaska Tepee at 8:30 and shook the dust of our sandals. Back into Yellowstone to see the areas we did not see yesterday, or at least those that are accessible to a pair of duffers. There were a number of beautiful falls we saw, more geothermal areas and more wildlife. It is not possible for me to describe the majesty and beauty. Many of you who have been here know what I mean. Those who had the foresight to set the area aside and preserve it are to be commended. It was a short driving day for us, just under 200 miles. We arrived at Livingstone at 2pm. I decided to check out our room before we checked in. The room they had reserved was good but was for handicapped and hotels think that handicapped people do not need anything but a small sink with no room around it for anything. They were able to switch us to a non-handicap room which is fine, just no refrigerator.  Did laundry, made a couple PB&J sandwiches, some Asiago cheese and a coke. Then went out and found a DQ for dessert. Talked with a couple our age who admired our car. J and talked in the DQ for quite a while. Decided to drive to Bozeman to get a flash drive for our pictures. Mine had fallen out at the hotel in Rapid City. I called to see if they found it and they are mailing it home. Thankful because it is my primary backup. Tomorrow we go to the Glacier Park area, about a 300 mile drive though what is called Charles Russell Country. You have probably seen some of his art work of the American West.

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  1. We are really enjoying your posts and pictures. Wish we could be there in person. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures when you get home.
    Jack and Cheryl