Monday, June 27, 2011

If it's Sunday, this must be Lake Tahoe

Full service wedding chapel in Lake Tahoe. There were also full service divorce billboards in Reno.

We were overnight in Susanville CA and went to church at a small start up church. They had an 8:30 service as well as an 11 am service. We went at 8:30. Our goal was to see Lake Tahoe and stay overnight Sunday in Gardnerville NV, in preparation to go to Yosemite on Monday.
The computer is acting up. It keeps shutting down.

The drive toward Reno was, again different terrain than we had seen, similar to the Dakota area
Barren,with some homes, small ranch types
Still getting into mountains
Lake Honey - brown water, nothing around it, went along side for probably 18 miles. Just a few ranches and some cattle.
Ski area Mt. Rose Base was at 8900 feet

Art Shot of pine over cliff. Makes you dizzy almost

Lake Tahoe 6900 feet elevation.

It is beautiful - It would have been nicer if there were not somany people there.
We were not expecting it to be so crowded. The villages were teaming with weekend business.

Falls flowing into the lake. There was a wedding going on just beyond the falls
A few floral shots

I think Zoe has been following us

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