Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Going to the Sun" and Canada too!

Cut Bank Mt to Radium Hot Springs, BC  - Left with the intention of taking the “Going to the Sun” which goes from the east portion of Glacier National Park (hereafter called GNP) to the western exit via Logan Pass. Sadly, the Pass was still snow bound and we had to take the southern route which allowed us to take the southern leg, into Two Medicine Lake and back out then coming back into “Going to the Sun” from the west and driving along Lake McDonald for 16 miles and returning. Needless to say, there were beautiful scenes at every turn. The water coming down from the mountains here seems to have a green appearance. One of the pictures shows this.
 By 1:30, 5 or so hours after we left Cut Bank we were still 200 miles from Radium Hot Springs with a border crossing to make. Concern mounted as we approached the border 60 miles later, but for naught. They figured we were harmless, too old to be mules for the mob and going the wrong way.
We got to our motel at 7pm. It has a great view over the valley and a deck. We are only a few miles from the Time Zone Line and it is still very light at 9:30. The last picture is from our balcony.
Another is an attraction in town - for $3 you can tour the "house"
Our car still has an organized appearance and we have made a few more adjustments so we can find things better. No bedbugs found so far. It seems the motels have taken last years problem seriously.


  1. You KNOW I would have had to tour that house! $3 is a bargain! (Unless of course the locals say nobody has ever come out again...)

  2. If you are in Canada, are you rooting for the Bruins or Vancouver?