Monday, June 13, 2011

Glaciers galore! Mountains galor-ious and Goats!

Left Radium Hot Springs after a nice night at a very nice place with a breakfast prepared by the owner and his wife. The tables were all set with porcelain, glass, flowers  and cloth;  not a bit of plastic in sight. The room had a separate bedroom and sitting room, balcony and bath for $100 tax included.
The National Park has several sub-parks, but most people only speak of Banff National Park. We have used superlatives regarding what we saw thus far, but, as unpatriotic as it seems, we have seen nothing to surpass the Canadian Rockies we drove through today.
The villages of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper are so clean and neat. They also are rather expensive. Naturally there are “artsy” type here and many out-door seekers.
We spent the day driving and taking pictures, going through 6 AA batteries. Not all will be posted here.
Our reservations in Jasper were made, as were almost all, on line. The place “in Jasper” was actually 50 KM from Jasper, outside the park. I was able to cancel with no charge and find a place in town at a better price. I must say however that everyone involved was courteous and helpful, both the guy and the hotel desk attendant.
Tomorrow we will return part way back toward Lake Louise before we turn west to Golden for the night. The drive in the opposite direction will be equally as nice as the north bound trip.

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