Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The British Columbia heartland

From Golden BC to Omak Wa.
What we thought would be just a travel day, 334 miles of just driving was a surprisingly pleasant drive.
Leaving the B&B, we went over the mountains through Rogers Pass with protective tunnels into long drives through tall pines along the road melting into lake country in the midst of BC. Huge long lakes with growing cities most of us in the east have never heard, Kamloops,  Vernon, Kelowna, Summerland and Penticton, which appear to be newly built and construction everywhere. This followed by long miles of orchards of peaches, apples and cherries, intermixed with vineyards and family wineries all along the road south. We have seen flowers while in Canada which are exceptionally developed for mid June.  It started in Jasper and continued all along the way today. Included in what has been discussed are a few pictures that will be of interest to Josh and Uncle David. The final picture is a profession not likely to catch on in our area.  As we left Canada I noticed we had driven 945 miles since entering on Sunday. Hmmm … at 25 mpg and $3.85 per gallon, that’s $145. Not bad given what we saw.

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