Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Following the Columbia River to the Ocean.

Yakima WA to Lincoln City, OR. Left at 7:30, Arrived at 5:30. Had dinner at a chain called Shari's which was very good and reasonable. The day was absolutely beautiful, sunny and high 70's. We took a route across Yakama Indian Reservation, through the Simcoe Mts. They did not get a bargain as it was rather barren till we got closer to the Columbia River.

This is where the land looks better and the reservation ended!

Today the air is clear, the sky is blue and WE CAN SEE THE MOUNTAIN!

Of course we are 75 miles away. Why couldn't it have been like this yesterday?

The Columbia River Valley with orchards and vineyards

Mt Hood in Oregon.

Cliffs along the Columbia Valley

Coffee Break in a beautiful spot. McD's

Still in the River Valley

2nd sighting  of Mt. Hood
See below

Stupid wires - couldn't get a decent shot without them. Had to go down a road where the sign said "Private - stay the *%#@ out"  We decided we were in the wrong neighborhood.
While watching this, a local guy came along and told us about the river and gave us some tips. He bought a Honda Motorcycle in Binghamton once.

Horsetail Falls along "Historic Oregon Trail" along the Columbia River. That is Barb in front of the falls.

When we were touring Mt. Rainier, we met a German expatriate, 80 years old who lives in Washington now and was giving a tour to his nieces, one who lives in Stuttgart.
Anyway, he told us about this air musuem in McMinnville where the Spruce Goose is on display. Google it. It is an interesting story about the plane and Howard Hughes. They have scores of planes on display from German, Russia, U.S. and others.

Us at a C47D

Oops - another Twilight Zone Moment!

That is the shortest runway in the world. It is sitting on a building which houses a Water Park. It is part of the Evergreen Air Museum. They have IMAX shows also about flight.

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