Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Dam Day

We left Las Vegas at 8 am and drove to Grand Canyon via the Hoover Dam. We drove for about 300 miles. I accidently reset my trip meter so I don't know how far we have come since June 3rd. We arrived at the hotel, a Best Western at Grand Canyon and checked it. After getting all settled, we found the A/C was only blowing air. The TV didn't work right either. I went to the office and they sent someone to fix it. He needs a part that has to be ordered, and they gave us another room. No problem for them except that it was 100 yards away in another building, and they didn't have any carts available. Now this is a big place and rather expensive. I complained and we will see what they do. After finally getting stuff moved and re-set up, I started this blog. Power has gone off the PC and then the pictures won't load. Imagine Hoover Dam - we were there. Imagine bleak looking mountains, very rocky hills, we were there. Imagine the biggest canyon - deep and wide. We were there. I can't publish tonight. I will try again tomorrow.
OK So now its working this morning. I put up a few before our tour this morning

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