Friday, June 24, 2011

The Coastal Redwoods of N. California.

The amazing redwoods of coastal California.
Today we left Medford Oregon,at 745 and came into California's north border where we were stopped for a fruit and plant inspection. We had none so we came through OK. I don't know if they confiscate or what. We spent about 3 hours driving and walking among these huge, very old trees, many 1000 years old. Another humbling manifestation of God's creativity. The drive along the very narrow dirt road in this park, was about 8 miles long, with a number of opportunities to pass drivers who were northbound. The park is the Jedidiah Smith State Park, about 30 miles south of Oregon.

At the north end of the Highway of the Redwoods there is an info station and they planted a Giant Sequoia and a Coastal Redwood at the same time. The redwood is much taller.The sequoia will not get as tall, but have a much larger diameter

Barb is actually standing in the hollowed out bottom of one of the trees. It is about 5-6 feet deep.

Entry road to "The Land of the Giants"
Very narrow road was built to accomodate a stage coach so RV's etc are not allowed.

The trees not only spread seed, but roots from which others are "born", thus you see "families" of trees frequently which makes them appear to be even bigger. The one above is a family.

There is a section where the floor is covered with ferns that come waist high.
Looking up   - see ya! (apology to Michael Kay)

After a dusty drive through the Land of the Giants, we soon came back to the Blue Pacific
Todays blog is shorter, as the wifi here is weak and it takes about 3 minutes to upload each picture.I had 8 more loaded but not saved, and my computer powered down so I am hanging it up for the night. Tomorrow we leave the coast and head toward Reno NV through the mountains.

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