Friday, June 17, 2011

Blossoms, Boulders, Buoys and a Bird.

We were overnight in Mt. Vernon Washington and had some trouble understanding the ferry system web-site. It appeared you needed a reservation to get on any ferry and there were none available till Saturday. After stressing about it we canceled our 2 night’s reservations on the Olympic Peninsula. After a while I looked again and discovered there was only one line, the one we were trying to get on that needed a reservation, but then found another with a little longer drive. Relieved I called the same nice lady and un-canceled our reservations. We arrived at the ferry terminal at 7:35am for a 7:55 ferry and were able to be in the queue to get on. It was about a 35 minute trip, very smooth from Edmonds WA to Kingston WA. We then drove past our motel and proceeded with our plan to drive to see the shoreline sights along the north edge of the peninsula. There are not a lot. Mostly we saw pine trees, at least 100 trucks bearing loads of pine logs, lots of beautiful flowers and vegetation that was very lush. We did drive into a picture book town called Port Gamble which had all the businesses inside picket fencing, very neat and clean. Another area, called Dungeness (apparently giving its name to crabs caught along the shore there). It seemed to be mostly medium priced homes with beautifully manicured gardens. There were a number of unusual boulders in and along the bay (when we could see it). It seems to be a thing to decorate your home or fencing with old buoys. Very colorful.  At one overlook as I got into the car, a duck flew up from the ground, past my window and landed on my roof. I was not sure what it was and was reluctant to get out of the car. I rolled down the window and a fellow traveler said I had a duck on my roof. Just then the male mallard slide off my highly polished Honda onto the ground beside my door. He appeared unhurt and waddled away. We finally reached the west most point, a trail head leading to Cape Flattery only to find it was beyond our capability to navigate. Then a long drive back to Port Angeles to check in and eat at a place called Bushwhacker’s. After checking to see if it was safe, we had a nice meal and felt better after that. The room in Port Angeles is very nice, plenty of room and comfortable furnishings. We turned over 4700 miles since we left Endicott 2 weeks ago. Time for another oil change soon. We need to rethink our plans here in Washington. The last 2 pictures reminded us of home.

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  1. Hey Dad, how do you get down off a mini-van?

    There seem to be more pictures every day. Fantastic! Thanks again for keeping us all up to date each day!