Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beauty - Bathrooms and Bear - Oh My

Jasper, Alberta to Golden BC today – going south through the parks. Even though we had come north yesterday, there were still scenes we saw today that were not seen yesterday. Barb made good on a threat to get a picture of me delaying our trip.
We saw a pair of rams from afar and a bear up close along the highway.
Beautiful gorges and falls along with more glaciers and even glacier crawlers used to take people onto the glacier in snowy weather. I can walk on ice for 3 months out of the year for free. However, I did buy coffee at the stop where they went out and paid $10 for 2 large cups. It was good but a tad high. All prices seem very high in the park. I will see tomorrow how it compares . The current exchange is only 3 cents difference.
Our B&B tonight is very nice, one other party here from Italy.

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