Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bakersfield to Las Vegas, via Barstow (another place we could not call home).

Left Bakersfield about 8:15. Had a long day yesterday so we slept in a little. Looking forward to driving through desert, as we had not done that before anywhere. Long lonesome stretches with few cars on the road, peaceful, silent,  ahhh -  just us and our Honda.
We stopped at a fruit stand not far from Bakersfield. Bought some Pink Ladies, and some white Peaches.
The flowers are beautful, as in so many places.

A few pictures of the terrain along the way.

It's a little hard to read, but the sign says "ZZYZX Rd."

It looked like rain, they have been saying rain for several days. Heard a local say, "I'll believe it when I see it" Seems she was right.

I thought we saw a lot of wind farms in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

There were no varmits in the hills waitin' to attack the train.

This looked like it was the background for a movie. It did not look real.

So much for a quiet ride, just us and our Honda

This place is a cousin to Pedro's "South of the Border" just at the Nevada border with California
Just the place to stay.

We stayed in one of his places in Wyoming- no thanks.

 Las Vegas - construction added to the crowds, confusion, and wind.
The wind has been blowing for a month longer than normal.

Took a drive through the main strip, and left for our hotel. Not for us. 
How long has she been here? As long as Paul Anka?

Tomorrow we go to Grand Canyon and spend 2 nights. A break afteer the last hectic weeks of driving and seeing and blogging.

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