Saturday, June 18, 2011

And on the 16th Day, We Rested.

Wet, cold in northwest Washington. A good day to rest in a comfortable hotel and plan the next few days. We did the laundry for the 3rd time, had breakfast at McD’s and came back to crash and plan. As it turns out, the Yankees are on Fox this afternoon from Chicago and it is on here. BTW they won today.
I thought today would be a chance to show a “rerun”, some pictures you have not seen.

The Badlands
Mount - Ya know

The Devils Tower (or so he thinks)

I'm not sure if it's Gene, Roy or Clint Eastwood

Elk in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Falls

One of Lewis and Clarks guys - I forget which one

View from our room in Radium Hot Springs. It's in Canada eh?

Kootesay National Park in B.C.

Just another unnamed pretty waterfall in the Canadian Rockies

Vineyards and Orchards in southern BC

It's construction time everywhere

One of my favorite shots

Planning the next few days

How far is it from here to xxxxxx?

This is tough work - really!

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