Saturday, June 25, 2011

Across Northern California, from the Pacific to the edge of Nevada.

This is Mt. Lassen, in the Lassen Volcano National Park. 10,457 feet tall.

We left Arcata CA. about 7:30, headed for Susanville CA. The road was good and the rest areas were clean, compared to what we saw in Washington and Oregon. The road was as shown on the next picture, route 299 over the Trinity Alps, then Rt. 44 to Susanville.
We stopped in Redding CA for lunch. The city was larger than I expected, 90,000 population.

I felt like I was driving in a road race for 2 hours as we snaked up, down, around and through the these mountains. Barb drove for a couple hours as well. She got even with me on the curves. I'm not used to sitting in the passenger seat with the mountain walls so close.

For a change we didn't see any falls. Lots of creeks.
I wonder if I will ever be so honored?

This is a tree that sheds it's bark every year. It is called a Madrone. There are a large number of them here.

This is a mountain adjoining Mt. Lassen.
The pictures are taking so long to load, I am hanging it up for tonight. Hopefully it will be faster at the next Motel, but - you have the essence of the day.

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