Monday, May 30, 2011

11 days to go and I still need to do more planning

Today I spent time trying to determine the route through California, moving south from Oregon to see the northern coastline, Redwoods, Mt. Shasta, Volcano National Park, briefly into Nevada to Reno, Carson City then back into C. to Lake Tahoe, south to Yosemite N.P. then to the Sequoia park, Death Valley and over toward Las Vegas. There are all these Mountains in the way of a direct route!
We have our plastic drawers set up in the bedroom and we are testing out our plans to live out of them instead of taking a suitcase into the motels. So far, it seems to be OK. Every time we think of something we need to take, it goes into the bedroom to await packing day. (or days)
Getting all the bills either prepaid or setup for auto pay which is most of it anyway.
Hannah Brown, our summer replacement, comes home this week from college. Hopefully she will be ready for Josh!!

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